Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I Told You So

Eight months ago I postulated a crazy idea. It is one of those things I predicted would happen within the next three to five years. The idea was to embed a Xen hypervisor into the BIOS of an x86 server.

Today I read Dell (yes Dell) is planning to embed a hypervisor into an x86 computer. The hypervisor is likely to be VMware ESX based. This makes sense, because Dell already has a relationship with EMC, the owner of VMware. It also makes sense because Dell knows it must differentiate its products rather than simply being a low-cost provider.

More at:

The Register: Dell to stuff hypervisors in flash memory

The Inquirer: Dell plans to embrace virtualisation

ZDNet Blogs: Speculation about embedded hypervisors VMware prepping embedded 'ESX Lite' hypervisor

Special hat tip to Timothy Prickett Morgan:

The UNIX Guardian: The X Factor: Virtualization Belongs in the System, Not in the Software

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